Food Diary 4.0: What I ate last month.

As you have might seen, I changed the name of the food diary section from ‚what I eat in a week‘ to ‚what I ate last month‘. Obviously, I am not taking photos of my food every day, that would be too much and sometimes I am simply too hungry and just want to eat right away.

Hopefully, you will enjoy my food photos of October. It was the month where I stopped doing the intermittent fasting because I started practising running and cycling up to five times a week and simply need more energy and a well-balanced nutrition.


Millet – porridge with banana, nuts, crunch and grapes

Chia – Pudding with fruits and crunch

Avocado – Banana – Spinach – Bowl

…and the same again…

Chia – Pudding with banana and crunch – topping

Chia – Pudding with hot berries (the recipe can be found here)

Porridge with raspberries and banana

Mango lassi with a nuty crunch – topping

Porridge with raspberries, banana and a nuty crunch – topping

Chia – Pudding with a fruity and crunchy topping


Veggie – risotto, grilled cheese and beans

Pumpkin quiche with salad

Hungarian goulash with a buttery pretzel

Lentil Dal with homemade Naan and nature yoghurt


Toasted bread with selfmade Hummus and tomatoes

Favourite Spaghetti with an avocado-, soy-, yoghurt- and cheesesauce and some sliced tomatoes

Mexican burger and fries at Holy Cow in Zurich


Some kind of a cheesecake (Nidelwähe in Swiss German) and coffee


Croissants and coffee at Schneider’s Quer in Pfäffikon ZH

Homemade Margarita of my friend

Homemade cheesecake of my friend and coffee

Coffee and cakes at Babus Bakery in Zurich

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