Ireland Travel Diary: A Sunday in Belfast.

What is the first thing you are thinking of when you hear the name Belfast? Titanic, right? You probably also start to wonder why Northern Ireland belongs to the United Kingdom… The separation of Ireland to the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland took place in 1921 during the Irish War of Independence. I am not going to write about that war though.

Belfast is the city where Titanic was born. That story is a tragedy and it is even more tragical that Titanic became that famous because of its sad history. Too many people had to die while building the gigantic ship and even more people died when it sank.

Unfotunately, this is not the only sad story Belfast has to offer. You can still feel the pain and see some of the scars which are left of all the trouble the city had to deal with and went through. It is not only the fights between the militant groups of protestants and catholics which ended less than twenty years ago. It is also the big problem concerning racism from 2009 and that is less than ten years ago. I am not sure how serious these problems still are. While walking along the Peace Walls and reading some of the quotes of people like Mandela something deeply touched me…

However, Belfast is also a very beautiful city in my opinion. Since I am a huge fan of old buildings and architecture, I had to put away the sadness that overcame me from time to time and keep my eyes open to see the pretty things, too.

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