Ireland Travel Diary: Twelve weeks later.

Week Nr. 12. Wow. There is not much left to say. I had a marvelous time. With wonderful people. People, who became very good friends. I will never forget you guys and hopefully see you somewhere in this world again.

I literally made it through lots of emotions. Laughter and tears. I had missing – moments and don’t – wanna – go – back’s. I was stuck somewhere between the need to travel and to settle down. There will be a lot I’ll have to handle with. ‚Reality‘ and going back to my previous life is not far away anymore. The whole experience was and still is a big gift and I’m feeling nothing but blessed. An experience I’m never going to forget is coming to an end. I shared much with my followers and friends on Social Media, especially on Instagram, but it is impossible to reflect everything like it really is or was. However, I’d like to come to a conclusion with my ‚Ireland Travel Diary‘ – series and thought of  sharing my favourites of the moments I captured with you. I’m sure you’re not going to enjoy it as much as I did, but I hope you like some of the photos at least. Thanks so much for taking the time to come round. ♥

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