Literature: You Are The One by Kute Blackson

‚What if not getting what I thought I wanted in my life was a great gift from the universe?‘ – Kute Blackson

Wow, this book has flashed me page by page. And I am sure, I am not the only one who lived through these eye-opening and deep moments while reading it.

And because I found it that great, here is another quote – blogpost. Dedicated to the author, Kute Blackson.

‚And if the man who has nothing dares to give no matter his situation, then we, who have plenty, have no excuses whatsoever.‘

‚More technology, less touch.‘

‚In the fear, in the uncertainty, is the invitation of life.‘

‚Stop pretending you’re a lightbulb when you are really the sun.‘

‚What if who you are is not who you think you are?‘

‚Do you dare to set that persona aside and dance the dance of a free soul?‘

‚Often there are things we get out of staying stuck that we aren’t even aware of. But there is always a reason you are still stuck.‘

‚But emotions were created to be felt and expressed, not suppressed.‘

‚Forgiveness is something you do for you.‘

‚The importance you give your thoughts is the real issue.‘

‚We are often waiting for life to present the perfect opportunity, when life is actually waiting for US!‘

‚The appearance of fear doesn’t mean you should stop.‘

‚Right at the edge of your comfort zone is where the real growth begins. And where you find out what you are really made of.‘

‚Your mind will take all your power if you let it.‘

‚You are not your thoughts. Your thoughts will come and go. When you remove them from their seat of power, you finally can take back the reins of your life.‘

‚Often, in our striving to get somewhere, we lose the fact that we are here. Right here. Nowhere else.‘

‚What would you do right now if there was nowhere to get to?‘

‚No matter what you accumulate – houses, cars, watches, jewelry, even gold – when all is said and done, we take none of it with us, NOTHING at all!‘

‚When you stop trying to get somewhere else and embrace where you are now, you realize that this moment is the most important moment of you life.‘

‚When you stop resisting, you open up to breaking the addiction. You discover the power of… acceptance.‘

‚Life is like a mango. It’s juicy. And it’s messy. You can’t eat a mango and really enjoy it without getting a little messy. You must accept it and enjoy it anyway.‘

‚What is the definition of a good kiss? You completely let go. You aren’t thinking about what to do next, where to put your lips, how to tilt your head. You get wrapped up in the kiss itself, so much that you dissolve; you totally surrender. It is just happening through you.‘

‚At the end of our lives, everything boils down to this: Did you love fully? Or did you spend your life holding back?‘

‚What is there to do but love now?‘

‚True love is always freely given, with nothing expected in return. So will you love fully? IF not, WHY not? What do you think needs to be different in order for you to love? Whatever you may think, it is an illusion. You can love fully right now. Nothing is stopping you. Nothing.‘

‚Love fo no reason. That is true freedom.‘

‚You are love. You were born to love. Everyone is waiting for your love. What else is there to do but Love now?‘

‚You simply being your authentic self fully is the greatest gift you can give the world.‘

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