Review: My language stay at ATC Language Schools.

ATC Language Schools is present in two different Irish and one English city. There is a school in Dublin, one in Bray and another one in Winchester UK. The school provides you with a place, where you can improve your English skills and meet lots of different people. Whether you want to join a course that prepares you for the FCE or CAE or participate in a general English course, there is something for everyone and every age.

The well-educated teachers and the staff at ATC make your lessons and your stay as enjoyable as possible. In their classes there is a lot of laughter and good fun mixed with hard work and studying. To get better at speaking, the lessons are for example about discussing life experiences and things you would like to change in this world, but also talking about some really dry grammar and doing exercises. I honestly have to admit that these were the best classes I’ve ever been to so far. Even though I joined an exam class, there were always lots of jokes and fun stuff spread around. Personally, during this time, studying was never a must for me, I really wanted to do it and I never felt forced. The classes were super motivating and this definitely traces back to the fact how the teachers behaved and showed us the examination material.

Furthermore, the ATC staff was always super friendly and helpful. They welcome you every single day with a smile on their faces and if you have any worries they do their best to help you as good as they can. ATC Language Schools is very international, which makes it even more interesting to join a course. You meet people from all around the world with whom you become very good friends in a very short time.

I was at ATC Language Schools in Bray, which is located next to the Irish sea and a 40 minute train ride away from Dublin. I did not book my stay through an agency but read loads of reviews about different schools in Ireland and personally, ATC had the best price-quality ratio for me. I quickly wrote them an email and asked for their accommodation possibilities and course dates. ATC provided me with three different options. Either living in a hostfamily, which was not my strongest desire or living in one of their apartments right next to the school or in their residence, which is approximately 700 meters away from school. As soon as I read, that I am going to have my own bathroom in the residence I did not have to think about where to stay any longer. And by far the best thing was, that I had a seaview from the window of my room from which I watched uncountable many sunrises. However, the responsible guys from ATC replied everytime very quickly and were willing to help anytime I had a question regarding my upcoming stay.

It was May 2017 when I booked my flight, my room and wrote in for the FCE preparation course. What a feeling. I dreamed about it for ages but I have to admit that I hate leaving my comfort zone and knowing that I will have to do that alone did not make it much better. Anyway, it was my well-considered, own decision and the adventure began in September 2017. I was so nervous because of travelling alone. Looking back I am sure if I was not at ATC Language Schools and did not live in their residence, it would not have been that perfect over all. It would have been different of course but I am nothing but grateful that I met so many amazing people and teachers. The school lessons were hard but filled with so much fun and laughter. I never got tired of visiting the lessons and because it took place in the mornings, there was always a lot of time to enjoy life and to explore that incredibly beautiful country. I made some very good friends with whom I travelled almost every weekend and was able to see the most lovely places Ireland has to offer.

It is now three months after coming home while I am writing that. Of course, I was extremely happy being back in Switzerland and seeing my family and friends again. However, if I am really listening to my heart and soul, there is a (now) very quite voice that wants me to go back to that lovely country I fell in love with head over hills and to move on with studying English.

Heartfelt thanks to ATC Language Schools. You definitely made it worth it.

Facts about my stay in Bray:

  • ATC Language Schools, Dunluice House, Strand Road, Bray Co. Wicklow
  • Residence: Marine Terrace, Strand Road, Bray Co. Wicklow (stayed from 17/09/2017 to 10/12/2017)
  • Twelve weeks FCE preparation course (18/09/2017 to 08/12/2017) – I learned a lot!!!
  • Lessons from 9 am to 1.30 pm
  • FCE exams
  • Bray is located 20 km south of Dublin

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